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The costs of getting me on the grid in 2018

If you read my previous post, you’ll know I passed my ARDS test earlier this month so I’m all set to go racing in 2018. But the search for the right option, be it ‘Arrive & Drive’ or buying my own race car is still ongoing.

It’s no secret that motorsport is not cheap – far from it! I recently found a brilliant quote on the equally brilliant website They said:

“Welcome to the World Of Motorsport. Pick a budget you think you can afford and then, double it.”

Wise words that I will be keeping in mind as my plan for 2018 develops over the next few weeks.

I’d have loved to have raced a Ginetta G40 as in the photo above. These Arrive & Drive packages were being sold for £18,000 + VAT at the Autosport Show back in January. Well over budget this year I can confirm!

With the start of the season just around the corner, it won’t be long until we get to find out if I’ll make my target of being on the grid this spring.

My motorsport costs this year to date

01/01/2018 MSA ‘Go Racing’ Starter Pack (ARDS) £104
13/01/2018 Autosport International Show £36
03/02/2018 ARDS Test @ Brands Hatch Indy Circuit £270
03/02/2018 MSV Track Day @ Brands Hatch Indy Circuit £179
18/02/2018 Test Day with Rogue Motorsport in MR2 £322.80
02/03/2018 Medical Examination for licence £90
08/03/2018 BARC club membership £122
09/03/2018 CTCRC club membership £199
09/03/2018 OMP Race boots and socks £145
14/03/2018 Silverstone Race Entry £299
14/03/2018 Numbers for car £21.50
14/03/2018 Hotel at Silverstone £82
Total: £1,870.30

One thing worth noting – no fuel costs have been added for the travelling between these events.

Stay tuned for this to officially become the longest blog post on this website!


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