Without a hell of a lot of support from those listed below, I simply couldn’t go motor racing. I would like to thank the following:

Title Sponsor


I co-own Surewise.com and without the support of my fellow directors, financing a season in motorsport would be very tricky. But it’s not all about the money – having the flexibility to say “Hey, I’m going testing on Friday.” is also a massive bonus.

Other Partners


enterf1.com is a sister business to entermotorsport.com. It’s a website built by fans, for the fans of Formula 1 who are looking to travel to races and need advice. We help people find the best & cheapest available tickets, as well as put you in touch with right people if you are looking for a VIP hospitality package.

My support crew at Brands Hatch

People to thank…

My Dad, Tony

It’s completely his fault that I am so obsessed with motorsport and that I have had a desire to race since I was 3 years old. So you could say it’s only fair he takes on some of the burden of helping me make it happen! And that’s exactly what he has done, but in abundance. This project would not have happened without his support.

My Step Dad, Colin

Always one of my biggest supporters, Colin didn’t hesitate to offer his car as a tow vehicle for the season ahead when options were very, very limited. That stands out as the biggest gesture, but he’s been behind me every step of the way since my karting days. He’s been there through all the cross threaded nuts/bolts, the engines that will never start and the cold late nights in the garage.

My girlfriend, Kate

I’ve been driving Kate nuts with conversations about motorsport, motorsport and more motorsport this year. She deserves a lot of credit for staying awake and not telling me to “Zip it!” which a lot of people probably would! She always keeps me calm during those frantic 11th hour moments that seem to happen during every race weekend.


I’ve had so many people come to my races including the likes of Kate, Barry & Leila, Dad & Margot, my Mum & Colin, Alex, Scott, Jamie, Charlotte and many more! Gary Meek has been there with his spanners, ready to assist when we fail scrutineering and he gets stuck in without hesitation. I’ve had so many messages of support and encouragement online since I began racing. It does mean a lot when people wish me well.

Thank you!