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A brief introduction…

Well thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog/website. I’m honoured! This is the first post on and will act as a very short introduction as to what is being planned here.

In a nutshell, at the start of 2017, I made a conscious decision to properly start my journey to get into motor racing. People that know me will realise that I’ve already dabbled in motorsport at a very, very basic level over the years. From a couple of seasons of go-karting, driving experiences and track days in my own car. But ‘dabbled’ is the key word. There has been never been an end goal, until now.

The end goal for the project is to be on a UK grid in spring 2018 – in little over 12 months. It’s way too early to say in which car and in which series/championship – but the goal is simple: be on a grid in 2018.

There are so many factors to consider, and numerous hurdles to overcome to make this dream a reality, but now is the time to lay down the marker and get cracking with it.

So what can you expect to read on this blog in the coming weeks? Here’s a quick taster:

This is going to be an exciting journey and I really hope you’ll stick around for the ride. Remember to leave a comment if you have any questions and have something to say!

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