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Michael Schumacher 50th Birthday – a quick thought

Michael Schumacher has been on my instagram story the last couple of days but I wanted to create a quick post on my instagram feed and here on the blog.

Today is his 50th birthday. My thoughts are with his family and everyone around him on what must be a pretty tough day for them all – as must every day have been since his accident in 2013. I had to decide what photo to post and this one jumped out at me, but why? Well this is the face I remember growing up and seeing almost every other week on TV at the height of his #F1 career at Ferrari. It was the face of a born winner, full of tenacity and a win at all cost attitude – controversially at times, but his records speak for themselves. A 7 times world champion! @lewishamilton said it perfectly earlier “50 years of life and a legacy that will last forever.”

His tragic accident in the French alps actually made me reassess the types of risks I take on my snowboard each winter, not to mention I now wear a helmet every time I strap up and take to the slopes.


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